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While there is no central organization that dictates the nature of Adaptive BC (as there is no central organization that controls Agile project management), we have gathered an unofficial group of official advisors.

Feel free to reach out to any of them with questions using the email addresses below.

Name Organization Email
Headshot Brendan Monahan Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Headshot Charlie Brown, cABCF Primary Residential Mortgages, Inc.
Headshot Christine Bendel, cABCF United Nations
Headshot Dan Dorman, cABCF Alaska Airlines
Headshot David Lindstedt, PhD PMP cABCF Adaptive BC Solutions
Headshot Elaine Comeau, cABCF National Bank of Canada
Headshot Howard Mannella Alternative Resiliency Services Corp
Headshot Lynn Centonze NBC Universal
Headshot Joel Navarro Mary Kay Inc.
Headshot Karen Lowham Technology Security industry
Headshot Mark Armour, cABCF Brink's Inc.
Headshot Nina Wyatt Sunflower Bank
Headshot Robin Martin, cABCF (hon) Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.
Headshot Rod Crowder OpsCentre, Management Consultancy
Headshot Timothe Graziani, cABCF CAPRESILIENCIA
Headshot Vanessa Vaughn, cABCF Asfalis Advisors